the climate challenge

We have seen a rapid increase in the global warmth recently due to the increase of accumulation of green house gases. This can be attributed to the destructive nature in which humans interact with their environment so as to satisfy their needs.  This selfish behavior has seen great destruction of forests, swamps, serious pollution of oceans, sedimentation of water bodies to mention a few.

A number of excuses have been given for the continued environmental destruction. Excuses such as the need for industrialization, economic growth and employment have never left the hearts of the economists.

Well how about we put a monetary value on the ecological functions of swamps and forests…what would the price be? Assuming they ceased to exist, would the economy exist? Would life exist? What would be the cost of carrying out their functions manually? How about we think about that for a second!

The planet is trying to send us warning messages  through hurricanes, prolonged dry spells, flooding, forest fires, heat waves to mention a few yet all we think about is what other forest to give to greedy investors.

Dear Youths, it is time to wake up. It looks like we are the only solution this planet has.

Remember, if the human race dies, the planet survives but if the planet dies, so does the human race.

I am not saying that I advocate for death of the human race, all i request of you is to live in harmony with the environment in order to save our planet or else face the end of times.

Always Hassan


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