Time management

Time management.

hello beautiful youths, am back to you again.

It hasbeen said that we are the greatest time wasters. here is what we can do to prove them wrong:

  • prepare for the next day early by organising any aids that you’ll need the next day. aids such as books and clothings.
  • set priorities and organise them in a to do list which should be followed strictly unless there are unavoidable interruptions. but get back to the tasks after the interruption

Create a Do List for every day

Prioritize the list

Do item #1

Before doing item #2 – check the priority

And so on through the day

Remember: It’s ticking and it’s never coming back!

  • kill procrastination not time. set goals and work towards achieving them in the set time period

In reality, to manage time you have to learn to manage yourself.

yours trully



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