Rags to Riches continued (I don’t have Capital)

How do we raise capital for our different business ventures. In most cases youths are stranded because of the ‘capital excuse’. Let us put this to rest.
For those of you who read my last blog “Rags to Riches” the young entrepreneur started a company with a capital of 18,000/= only. Saving every penny he got and re-investing he then built up his company and it is now worth millions, employing other youths. His vision is now to turn it into a million dollar company one step at a time. Patrick Bitature didn’t start with that much money, Abromavich started from a truck driver assistant.
So when we say lack of capital, always first define what capital means to you; how can you achieve it; who do you need to talk to; what partnerships do you need to make. All these questions and more will erase the illusion of “No Capital”
Most importantly, you need to have the desire for your venture, take a step towards the venture and other doors will open.

Thank you. Your friend Hassan


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