How Low Can you go?

Hello World,

How low can you go before crashing? That is a question I always ask my self every time I feel my confidence and self esteem going down.

Self Esteem is something that we confuse with confidence.

Confidence implies facing your fears. We all have barriers in life that inhibit us from obtaining the things we desire. Overcoming these requires confidence and it is only after relentlessly doing it over and over again that we fully realize our potential. Therefore gaining more confidence requires doing the thing your Fear.

Self Esteem is the value we place upon ourselves. Having a high self esteem means you recognize your worth, accomplishments and positive aspects about your life. Low self esteem is the exact opposite of this. Low self esteem can end a person’s life, it is that serious. Low self esteem sometimes results from past experiences, external environments and being unsatisfied with one’s physical appearance.

So how do we raise our self esteem?

  • Start to appreciate your life, appearance, achievements, family, and friends to mention a few. The more value you attach to you life, the better since you live everyday. What better way to live than a happy life.
  • Look in the mirror, LOVE the person staring back at you. Remember you are unique in every way.
  • Stay with people who make you a better person, who are constructive to you and love you the way you are.
  • It is also important to walk with a commanding posture, pace and charisma. Walk with face up-words, look the world straight in the face to let it know you’ve got control of your destiny.
  • Focus all your energy on obtaining your goals.
  • Ignore what you could consider bad attributes, especially physical appearance since you can not change this.
  • Totally stay away from people who are always putting you down, condemning you, talking negatively about you or your appearance. Such people can highly impact on your self esteem.

A high self esteem opens the door to confidence. When you believe in your self, then you will always dare yourself to take on any challenges and this could take you places meant for a select few. You will attract all the right things, wealth and people to you without trying hard.

Please use that uniqueness, we need it. The whole world needs you because there is only ONE YOU.

Thank you and go be the best.



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