Rags to Riches – cont’d (Persistence & Resilience)

Hello World,

Today let us talk about all the huddles that tend to come between you and your goals in life. You will find that when you set out go on a journey of achievement you meet all sorts of barriers which seem to be designed just for your failure. These may include financial loss, betrayal, theft and property loss among other. These and more can eventually lead to de-motivation and giving up. However, make sure this never happens to you.

Let us look at the young entrepreneur’s story. He started his business with a bicycle he had obtained from the village for free and all was going well. Number of customers was increasing, income was steadily increasing and the future looked brighter until the bicycle got stolen. This was the defining moment in his life. All of a sudden he was engulfed in every sort of negative thought and even contemplated giving up the whole venture. But like every successful business man, he picked himself up and reinvested every little penny he had accumulated into hiring a pick up for the work. This put him back in the game and he has never looked back. He now owns a truck and the future looks even brighter than before. He managed to bounce back and also looked at the events as opportunities.

In life “it is not how far down you fall but how high up you bounce after that matters.” You need to have persistence if you are going to make it. When misfortune happens look for the opportunity in the event and change your focus on to the positive things you can have in life. “When you fall, pick up the lesson and move on.” Always look for new creative ways of solving the problems at hand.

Thank you and move on to succeed



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