Rags to Riches (Mentors)

Rags to Riches – cont’d (Dodging Speed Bumps)
Hello Beautiful People,
Am back with more…………………………..
Have you been in a situation when life slows down your journey to success with challenges? We always have new ideas and most of which are very creative. In most cases we are convinced that they are the most original ideas so we embark on the journey thinking we have all the solutions and no one else can help. This is where we go wrong!!
Have you heard of the word MENTORS? As you go through your business/personal life, you should know that there are people who have done something related to what you are doing (intend to do) and have managed to succeed at it. That means that they have years of experience and expertise in your kind of profession; have made all the right and wrong decisions to get where they are; have faced most and even more challenges than you are facing. It is advisable to convince these leaders to consider mentoring you as you proceed through your endeavors. By doing this, you will be able to dodge so many huddles using principles that other people learned through years of misjudgment.

so how do you get mentors?

  • First it has to be someone who has made it in the field you are interested in, you can have various mentors basing on what they are good at
  • Do whatever it takes to get their attention as they are always busy people.
  • Always ensure to accomplish the tasks they give as this shows commitment to the cause
  • Show the highest level of curiosity during your time with them
  • Remember, they are always glad to help, as long as you show unwavering determination.

By adding Mentors to your arsenal, you will take your life to another level of performance.
So how about we dodge most of the barriers in life by involving mentors in our adventurous journeys.
Till next time.


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