Dear Reader,

How many times have you appreciated yourself for who you are? We always look at other people and envy them and forget what our real potential is. I will always emphasize that there is only one “YOU” in this world and no one can do what you do best!

You are gold in its raw form, all you need to do is to purify it (that’s if you haven’t yet done it!) once you do this, you become a meaningful specific and not a wondering generality.

How do you do this:

  • Discover your purpose in life
  • Harness your talent
  • Find your passion and find a way to get paid for doing what you love
  • Find a new way of doing what you love to stand out of the crowd
  • Give your life direction by setting goals
  • Improve your networking

At the end of the day you will be the most sought after mineral and people will want to model you instead of the vice versa.

Thank you & Hope you Shine


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