Weed your Garden

hello Reader,

For those of you who have gardens you will realize that what ever you plant there grows. Whether it is thorny bushes, poisonous plants, beautiful flowers, vegetables or trees. Likewise, our mind grows whatever we feed it. Remember our actions spring from our dominant thoughts.

Therefore, I think we should control what we feed our minds.

If we entertain evil thoughts, suicidal thoughts, miserable thoughts then our actions will not be very productive to society. However, if we entertain only positive thoughts, thoughts that bring happiness then chances are high that you will be very successful and productive to society and yourself.

How do we control our thoughts?

  • Control what we read
  • Control what we watch or listen to say tv and radio
  • Control the kind of people we associate with
  • Do self reflection
  • Meditate

Have fun and grow straight.



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