Rags to Riches (Motivation)

Hello my Dear Readers,
Today let us look at staying motivated through out journeys to excellence. We all know that we have challenges while pursuing our different goals and if we are not careful, this may de-motivate and eventually kill our zeal for excellence thus throwing you back to the mediocre majority. We don’t want that now, do we?
Let us look at my young entrepreneur who has been my subject throughout these series. When he decided to get his own home, he met resistance from his guardians who refused to support his decision. He was given furniture that belonged to home dogs, as start up furniture. Someone else would have refused, however he took these and refurbished them. All his friends chucked him. What kept him going was the goal that he should never go back to the poverty he once lived in. That was his motivation.
What is your motivation in life? What lights that fire within to keep you going against all odds? What will keep you focused on your goals?
• Is it your loved ones?
• Is it the burning desire to change your status quo?
• Is it your passion?
• Is it that you want to change the world?
Whatever it is, it has to be from within, that is the only way it will last.
Rise like a Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Below are some motivational quotes to keep you going




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