University of Life

Hello Fantastic readers,

Most of us assume that we know it all once we finish university or college, how wrong we are! University or college is like a laboratory. Laboratory experiments are carried out in controlled environments with other factors kept constant which isn’t the case in real life.Image

Once you leave university, real learning begins with a more practical base. Life is as practical as it gets. So how do we avoid the shock that most of us get after university?

Start venturing while you are in university through

  • internships/industrial training
  • voluntary work
  • actual work where they can hire university students
  • read outside your scope of study
  • read biographies and inspirational material
  • listen to audio discs

After all these, you’ll find that you have a vast knowledge base both practically and theoretically keeping you above the rest of the competitors because you will have learnt from the best university and that is the University of Life.

Thank you



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