Your Goal setting Process

Hello Youths

Step No. 1 – Decide exactly what you want and write it down.

When you make a choice, it helps your brain to focus on the priorities. Writing it down crystallizes it and allows you to follow up

Step No. 2 – set a Deadline for your goal.

Set sub-deadlines if necessary. Be very specific about the timelines and what you intend to accomplish every day, week, month and year. The more specific you are about your deadlines and your dates, the more you will accomplish – and sooner than you expect.

Step No. 3 – determine the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal.

What are the choke points or bottlenecks that determine the speed at which you can achieve your goal? Why aren’t you at your goal already? Of all the obstacles you will have to overcome, what is the largest single obstacle? Begin with that. This will help you to stay motivated as you will have planned for the obstacles

Step No. 4 – determine the additional knowledge, skills and abilities you will need to reach your goal.

Remember, to achieve something you have never achieved before, you must become someone you have never been before. You must develop knowledge and skills that you do not have. Every new goal requires that you become a new person, in some way, by developing additional knowledge and skills in order both to achieve it and to keep it.

  • take short courses
  • read books
  • talk to mentors
  • listen to audios

Step No. 5 – determine the people, groups and organizations whose help you will require to achieve your goal.

Big goals require the active cooperation of lots of people. What will you have to do to earn their support? What will you have to do to deserve their support and backing? What is in it for them? Remember, it’s all about relationships.

Step No. 6 – make a plan to achieve your goal.

Make a list of the obstacles you will have to overcome, the additional knowledge and skills you will have acquire and the people whose help you will need.

Organize the list into a plan based on priority and sequence.

Step No. 7 –  Take Action immediately on your plan.

Once you begin, never stop. Do something every day that moves you towards the achievement of your major goal. Become intensely action oriented. Do whatever it takes until you achieve your goal

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