Rags to Riches (A Bucket of Soil)

Greetings my dear Friends, today let us look at the dirt under our feet. One wise man once told me that if you do not own even a small bucket of soil then you ruined for life. The earlier the better as its price almost triples overnight. The more perceptive of you have realized what I am talking about. Without owning land in this day and age then your future looks darker than a black hole. Like most economists say, real estate is the next big thing, in fact already is. I mean if you look around, they no longer manufacture the land. It isn’t getting bigger.  One of my wealthy friends recently told me he has acquired a big chunk of land and will re-sell after developing it. Now that’s thinking way ahead. For the rest of us, please set a goal to acquire a bucket of soil today, tomorrow it could be your salvation.




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