Think & Grow Rich (Black Choice)

think-grow-rich-black-choice-dennis-paul-kimbro-paperback-cover-artAt the moment, am reading Think and grow rich (Black choice). I feel like it was written for me. The writer must know of my existence and interest in space travel. The book sets you off the way astronauts are shot off to space, that is awesome…for those who know my interests.
The book was written from a black man’s perspective and to digest the principles for the black community.
As I moved through the beginning chapters, the excuse of being black and disadvantaged is no more. While giving a number of examples of powerful black who made just after the post slavery era, the writer shows blacks that they too can live prosperously.
The author recognizes that the majority of blacks dwell in abject poverty yet they can do something about it.
What I have learned so far;
• Take responsibility for your results
• Set your Goals and follow through
• You have to pay the price for success
• Always go the extra mile
• Get mentors who can guide you to where you want to go
It is amazing that I know this.
Next step is action. It is always action that takes you to the next level


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