Time for some kindness

kindness catWe all have good intentions and always say we are kind people. How many times in a day (after seeing a needy person) do we say I should do something about this? The one mistake we always make is we never take any action. “A thousand good intentions without action amount to nothing” Hassan. Someone will say “but our company does social corporate responsibility!” We all know that is just for media attention and tax reduction. There is nothing so holy about it. If it is hard as an individual, identify a genuine organization that is really touching people and change someone’s life in any way possible. Always share your blessings. “When you give, you create room to receive more”. I am not talking about the occasional penny you throw to a beggar. You would rather give them that mineral water you just walked away with. To me, the best religions are those that encourage honest philanthropy and humility. “A single act of kindness to one heart is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer” Gandhi. Let someone say, “thank you for changing my life.” Then tell me how you feel.

Thank you and go change lives.



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