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If You got $1m, What business would you start?

dollar-bills1Every time you see this question, your face goes blank! Why? Because after decades of using lack of capital as an excuse for your brokenness, it can not work no more! Various institutions are now availing funds for entrepreneurial youths. The only requirement is clear business idea.
In this era, your most important asset is the IDEA. Grow that idea and inevitably you will find a way to make it happen, money or no money.
Always remember to:
– write it down
– break it down to specifics
– specify the stake holders and their role
– then you can think of the source of capital
See you at the top

Why you Fell!

ImageDo you know that you were meant for success? You raced against over a million sperms and won, you are winner in the making. Nature is full of resources to help you get what you want so long as you seek for it. Some where on your journey, you lost your way. Allow me to show you a few things you did/didn’t do!

  • You joined destructive associates
  • You stopped developing your mind
  • Your were not committed to your goals – if you had any
  • You always blamed other people for your situation
  • You were not grateful for what you had so far
  • You had no mentors to guide you
  • You gave up.

Turn these around and watch the magic happen right before you.


How often do you have a brilliant idea that could change your life forever. But then the picture immediately becomes accomplish - PTfrightening and you freeze. It happens to the best of us. Every one knows that massive success calls for massive input yet we are afraid to pay the price. Well how do you overcome this feeling?

  • Clearly visualize what you want to achieve
  • Write it down as a goal and let some hold you accountable
  • Break the action steps into small manageable items.
  • Persist like your life depends on it

By completing each of these steps you slowly but surely get to your desired stage


surprise3Hello my Young friends,

Am sure I am going to piss off a few by saying this but I have to. How can a university graduate lack the drive to shape their future; the skills to look for employment? Funny thing is we go around blaming the education system. Guys let us take some responsibility as well and stop blaming the lecturers for our misfortune. Whose fault is it that while at school you didn’t join any clubs, developmental forum and any other platforms to shape you into a self driven youth. The hunger to make it has to start with in. before that can happen nothing in the world can save you.

Sorry I had to say but WAKE UP!

Think & Grow Rich (Black Choice)

think-grow-rich-black-choice-dennis-paul-kimbro-paperback-cover-artAt the moment, am reading Think and grow rich (Black choice). I feel like it was written for me. The writer must know of my existence and interest in space travel. The book sets you off the way astronauts are shot off to space, that is awesome…for those who know my interests.
The book was written from a black man’s perspective and to digest the principles for the black community.
As I moved through the beginning chapters, the excuse of being black and disadvantaged is no more. While giving a number of examples of powerful black who made just after the post slavery era, the writer shows blacks that they too can live prosperously.
The author recognizes that the majority of blacks dwell in abject poverty yet they can do something about it.
What I have learned so far;
• Take responsibility for your results
• Set your Goals and follow through
• You have to pay the price for success
• Always go the extra mile
• Get mentors who can guide you to where you want to go
It is amazing that I know this.
Next step is action. It is always action that takes you to the next level



We all set new years resolutions, annual goals but at the end of the year, only a few are accomplished.
Question is WHY????
How about making a commitment. This is hard but possible. Below is the HOW:
1. Decide. – This may sound simple but you need to decide that this goal is a commitment. That you’ll achieve no matter what. You will find a way. You will pay any price. You will stay up late and get up early to make this goal happen.
2. Burn your bridges. – To make sure you stay committed to your goal, cut off the possibility of failure. If you want to achieve something than make sure there is no way you can go back to your old way of living. If you want to lose 10kgs and start eating healthy, go to your cupboard right now and throw out all your junk food. Look at your labels and get rid of anything that is not good for you. Commit to not allowing any more of this food in your house.
3. Tell the world. – Broadcast to everyone your goal and your timeline to achieve it. Allow this public announcement to motivate you to stay committed. Many successful people have used a public commitment to move them towards their goals. Find a way to let people know your intentions and then make sure they become a reality.
4. Let go of your fears. – If you’re going to make your goal a commitment you must be willing to let go of your fears. To do this you must stay in a positive state of mind about your goals. Focus on all the benefits the achievement of your goals will bring. When you start to feel anxious about your goals, remind yourself that this is normal. Most fears are related to change. The change your goals will bring is going to have a positive impact on your life.
5. Examine the consequences. – There are always consequences for not achieving a goal. Can you identify these and use them to keep you committed. One of the major consequences comes from our own self-esteem. Making and breaking commitments to ourselves does more damage than breaking a commitment to another. Make sure you keep promises to yourself.
If you can’t find consequences, create them. Find something that will motivate you to achieve your goal and at the same time find a negative consequence for not achieving your goal. It can be as simple as taking away from yourself something you enjoy. Maybe for everyday you don’t take action towards your goal you can’t watch TV. Find something that is the right carrot and stick to keep you committed.
6. Re-write your goals daily. – Focus your attention on your goal by writing them each and every day. This simple activity will bring you back to what’s important to you. It will force you to stay committed by focusing on what you want to achieve. Don’t cut corners here and make this a ritual in your day.
Staying committed is not going to be easy and having a good accountability system goes hand in had with making your goals a commitment. Find what works right for you and make it happen.
By following through with this process you will find that most of life’s ambitions come to pass and your Dreams will come TRUE.